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Done is better than perfect.
-- Sheryl Sandberg


Friday, May 1, 2020

Tend to the little things

A big difficulty is made of hundreds or thousands of small difficulties that were never addressed. A great achievement is built by making one small accomplishment after another, after another.

What will you be doing a hundred days from now? Imagine the power of doing a little preparation for it today, and a little more every day from now until then.

Small things matter because they grow and assemble into big things. Small things matter because you are easily able to influence them.

Look around, right now, and ask yourself. What small problems can you solve, and what small opportunities can you act upon?

Do the difficult things while they are still easy. Allow the passage of time to amplify the power of your positive actions.

Tend to the little things now. And when they pile up, as they will, they’ll do so to your great benefit.

— Ralph Marston

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