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It's your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude.
-- Zig Ziglar


Thursday, April 23, 2020

Wish you had done

In a few hours, in a couple of weeks, what will you wish you had done right now? This is your chance, your only chance, to make that wish come true.

Later this month, later this year, what will you regret not taking care of today? Now is your opportunity to avoid the pain of that regret.

You know from past experience that it’s easier to go ahead and get your work done than it is to keep putting it off. Yet that realization is somehow not as compelling for the work you must now do.

So project your thoughts ahead into the future. Envision a time when the actions you can take now, have become the things you desperately wish you had done sooner.

Imagine how it will be to know you could have acted but you didn’t, to know you wasted a good opportunity. Feel the power you have, right now, to create a much more positive, desirable outcome.

Then, with a renewed sense of gratitude and determination, get going. Act today to make your future one you’ll welcome, appreciate, and enjoy.

— Ralph Marston

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