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Big words seldom accompany good deeds.
-- Charlotte Whitton


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Constant adjustments

No one can accurately predict the future. But anyone can adjust to the present.

In fact, those adjustments, made by billions of people, are what end up creating the future. Tomorrow’s situation will never equal today’s situation, because so many people are busy making adjustments.

That’s why pretty much nothing ends up being as bad, or as good, as it was expected to be. As events unfold, people adjust, and the calculus changes.

When something becomes scarce, people find more of it, or figure out an alternative. When a good idea emerges, people improve on it, quickly, creatively, enthusiastically.

Billions of innovative minds are motivated right now to make tomorrow better than today. The process is chaotic, not particularly elegant or efficient, and virtually unstoppable.

No one knows what the future will bring, yet everyone is constantly making adjustments to improve it. And in ways that even the most highly accredited experts could never imagine, life moves forward.

— Ralph Marston

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