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Make the iron hot by striking it.
-- Oliver Cromwell


Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Difference of opinion

There are people who have different opinions than you. Those people are not your enemies.

There is much you can learn from those who disagree with you. There is much to be accomplished when people with a wide range of perspectives work together.

Your own viewpoint is not strengthened by blind rejection of other viewpoints. On the contrary, your viewpoint grows stronger when you thoughtfully consider the views of others.

No one has all the answers all the time. Diversity of opinion gives rise to great value whenever it is embraced.

Don’t let your thoughts be imprisoned by your refusal to consider other thoughts. Don’t let your thinking grow stale and ineffective by isolating it from challenges.

Go deeper, and seek to find means of connection and agreement rather than points of contention. Behind every opinion, every perspective, there’s always value to be found.

— Ralph Marston

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