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Acting on a good idea is better than just having a good idea.
-- Robert Half


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Love for life

Imagine today that you can simply let go of the tensions, of the pretensions, and love your life. That you can love others without needing to control their actions or influence their thoughts.

You can give the best of yourself, and you can let that be enough. You can approach every encounter with a genuine desire to do what is right, what is good.

Instead of seeking to gain advantage, you can discover new joy, new beauty, in life as it is. You can magnify your effectiveness by minimizing the demands of your ego.

Imagine earning the respect of others without inviting their resentment. That happens when you live, and give, with authenticity, with understanding, with love.

An enjoyable position in life is of no use if you’re not able to enjoy it. Your genuine love for life, and for all who live it, enables that enjoyment and fulfillment.

Look at the world, and approach each moment, with a love for life. Let go of whatever engenders conflict, and make space for new goodness to flourish.

— Ralph Marston

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