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Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.
-- Clarence Day


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Missing out

It’s actually pretty ridiculous to fear that you’re missing out on something. Because every day, day after day, you’re missing out on more than ninety-nine percent of everything that’s going on.

Since long before you were born, and continuing up to this moment, you’ve been missing out. Even so, with all you’ve missed, you’ve managed to have quite a few amazing and fulfilling experiences.

Imagine that you were somehow able to experience everything, to have everything, all the time. Think of how intensely sad and empty that would be.

If you could do everything, nothing would have any special meaning. It is precisely because you cannot participate in everything, that enables those things you can do, to have value.

Instead of worrying about what you’re missing, throw yourself into fully living all you have, right here, right now. Make whatever you’re doing so valuable, so meaningful, that you’re happy to forgo all the other possibilities to get it done.

You can only do so much. Understand and celebrate what a great thing that is.

— Ralph Marston

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