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Our acts make or mar us, -- we are the children of our own deeds.
-- Victor Hugo


Monday, September 16, 2019

Hidden opportunities

What disadvantage can you turn into an advantage? There are plenty of possibilities.

The challenge of maintaining your focus in a noisy, distracting environment can actually improve your ability to focus. The challenge of working with insufficient resources can improve the value you’re able to achieve with those resources.

Being short on time teaches you to make the highest use of the time you have. It also provides real-world experience in prioritizing your activities.

When no one is able to give you a good answer, you’ll learn to develop the best answer on your own. When circumstances offer you no other choice, you are forced to be creative and resourceful.

Cursing your disadvantages won’t make them go away. But then, maybe it’s not really in your best interest for those disadvantages to go away.

Choose instead to look for how they can, in the long run, work to your advantage. See them as the hidden opportunities they are, and do the work to bring those opportunities fully to life.

— Ralph Marston

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