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Use your weaknesses; aspire to the strength.
-- Sir Lawrence Olivier


Monday, September 2, 2019

Love without hate

Hatred gives power, attention, influence to whatever you hate. Is that really what you want?

If your love for one thing is conditioned by your hatred for something else, is it really love? Or is it just a path to continuous misery and destruction?

Life will always involve conflict and adversity, yet you have the power to rise above it all. You have the power to love without condition.

You can refuse to let your energy be consumed by fear and rage. You can choose to invest all you are, all you have, in the positive possibilities.

That does not mean you must live in a state of ignorance or denial. You can see and acknowledge the difficulties, the imperfections, the injustice and absurdity, without compromising your love for life and for all who live it.

The way to move beyond the conflict is not to give more fuel to it. Summon your courage and strength to love without hate, and forge a positive path forward.

— Ralph Marston

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