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Expand your definition of the word love to include all things and notice how big your heart becomes.
-- Panache Desai


Friday, August 30, 2019

Working to improve

Take pride in the good work you’ve done. But rather than repeatedly congratulating yourself, challenge yourself to do even better.

Consider your latest achievement to be a stepping stone rather than the ultimate destination. Look for new and helpful ways to put it to further use.

Be thankful for the skills you’ve built and the knowledge you’ve accumulated. Demonstrate that gratitude by constantly seeking to improve your skills and add to your knowledge.

If you see yourself as the best at anything, that severely limits your ability to get better. Instead, adopt the perspective of a humble student, always learning from others, always working to improve.

If you consider yourself to already know it all, you shut down the possibility of learning more. Choose instead to find something new you can learn from every person you encounter.

Life still has much to teach you. So always be ready and willing to learn.

— Ralph Marston

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