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If you want to make enemies, try to change something.
-- Woodrow Wilson


Monday, July 22, 2019

Yours today

This is life, here, now, today. This is opportunity, possibility, fertile ground for achievement and enrichment.

Seize the potential, live the moment, feel the promise of now and make good on that promise. Act with courage, curiosity, love, wonder, and gratitude for it all.

Let life’s creative energy flow gracefully through you, uninhibited by doubt or hesitation. Marvel at the beauty, the interconnected coherence of all that is, and make it more so.

Raise up your highest expectations ever higher, and then do the good work they demand. Remind yourself that even the difficult times bring new value, and step boldly ahead of your fears.

Give love to all you love. Give time, work, attention, and lavish focus to what is truly meaningful.

Life is yours today, and later is much too late. For all you dream, for all you hope, for all you envision, for all you care about, live it now.

— Ralph Marston

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