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Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.
-- Samuel Johnson


Monday, April 15, 2019

Whatever is at hand

What is it about whatever just happened, that you can make good use of? What constitutes this moment, this situation, that can be of benefit to yourself and others?

Being positive is not a matter of wishing or pretending for life to be good. Rather, it is digging the best outcomes out of even the worst circumstances.

It’s easy to pick the low-hanging fruit, but that usually gets taken very quickly. Sustainable success means extracting value that’s not immediately obvious.

There’s something about this day, this place, this environment, that you can transform into richness. Look at the small details, at the big picture, in context, out of context, and find the potential value that’s surely there.

The treasure with which you fill life is not pre-defined. You can make as much of it as you choose, in any flavors you wish, out of whatever is at hand.

Surprise and delight yourself with your own resourcefulness. Discover again and again how good it feels to find meaning and beauty where no one ever saw it before.

— Ralph Marston

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