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If we don't discipline ourselves the world will do it for us.
-- William Feather


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Better and better

Each new day is an opportunity to up your game. Each new situation puts you in position to be more thorough and effective at whatever you’re doing.

If you’re not constantly making improvements, you’ll quickly fall behind. It is not a curse, not a burden, but rather a chance for you to become a better and better version of yourself.

Incremental improvement makes the passing of time into your friend. And there’s always a way to make some kind of incremental improvement.

Walk a little more briskly, listen a little more attentively. Be a little more patient and forgiving, focus a little more intently, care a little more deeply than before.

In every area of your life are constant opportunities for improvement. Little by little, without being overwhelmed, you can gently and enthusiastically make those improvements.

Don’t leave yourself struggling to catch up. Instead, make the choice in every moment to get a little bit further ahead.

— Ralph Marston

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