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I never knew a man escape failures, in either mind or body, who worked seven days in a week.
-- Sir Robert Peel


Friday, March 15, 2019

Meaningful purpose

What meaningful purpose have you given yourself today? What mission have you set yourself upon?

There is something that’s not as good as it could be in your world, that you can make better. There is some positive possibility that intrigues you, that you can begin to fulfill.

At the end of this day, do you want to feel encouraged about it, about yourself, about the future? If so, devote your time and efforts to a meaningful purpose.

The reason for doing so is not to impress anyone with how compassionate or effective you can be. The reason is to inspire your own sincere offering of real value to life.

Don’t let yourself be reduced to a state of numbness by all the world’s emptiness you see on display. Fill the void with positive purpose that motivates you into action.

You can make a substantive difference today, and it will mean the world to you, and to the world. Devote your day to a meaningful purpose, and relish the opportunity to bring it to life.

— Ralph Marston

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