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By words the mind is winged.
-- Aristophanes


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Let it be enough

Let it be enough to love this day and its possibilities. Let it be enough to do with it all the best you can do.

Let it be enough to be in awe of the wonders of existence, without having to understand or control every detail. Let it be enough to be who you truly are, to be here, to be thankful for the experience of now.

Make good plans for days to come, and put those plans into action. Treasure the richness of your past, and carry the joy of that richness ever forward with you.

But don’t let the longing for other times and circumstances detract from the good life you can live right now. Let it be enough to be in this unique situation, and let yourself give it the good energy you have.

Let it be enough to taste what’s on your plate, without craving more. Let it be enough to enjoy those you’re with, free of the need to impress, free of any wish to be somewhere else.

Life is beautiful and rich with potential in every grain of being. Feel the depth and breadth of that richness, and let it be enough.

— Ralph Marston

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