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Life is never more fun than when you're the underdog competing against the giants.
-- H Ross Perot


Friday, March 1, 2019

Room for improvement

When you start something new, you’re not going to do it very well at first. Don’t let that stop you.

Give yourself permission to do it poorly at first. Give yourself the opportunity to learn through experience how to do it better.

Don’t be embarrassed about how inexperienced you are. Instead, be enthusiastic about how much progress you can make.

Gain strength by acknowledging your weakness. Grow in knowledge and experience by admitting what you don’t know.

When starting anything new, you have the great advantage of being able to look at it from a fresh, uncorrupted perspective. You don’t know all there is to know, and that enables you to see opportunities that more experienced practitioners have overlooked.

Go ahead, jump in, do your best even if your best is not so great at first. You have lots of room for improvement, and as you continue, improvement is exactly what you’ll get.

— Ralph Marston

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