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To arrive at a just estimate of a renowned man's character one must judge it by the standards of his time, not ours.
-- Mark Twain


Saturday, February 23, 2019


The cool of autumn is a welcome respite from summer’s heat. The warmth of spring is a promise that winter has gone away.

Spring would not be so glorious without the winter that precedes it. Autumn would not be so welcome if the heat of summer had not grown so wearisome.

A new season is always on the way, and with it, changes, opportunities, risks, promises, mystery. In every season you’ll find new joys to live, work to be done, progress to be made, greetings as well as goodbyes.

Life changes, for that is its very nature. Nothing you can do will stop the changes that come with each season, and you wouldn’t want to anyway.

In those changes, as inconvenient, difficult, and painful as they can often be, is the glorious substance of living. In every change is your chance to make a change for the better.

Let the relentless progression of the seasons inspire your own unrelenting progress, your own rewarding changes. Live with more purpose, love, kindness and generosity, filled with a joy that no passing season can take away.

— Ralph Marston

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