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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
-- Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Now is your time

Decide to make the best of this day, no matter what others are choosing to do with it. Go ahead, make the most of opportunities that are now, no matter how many previous opportunities you’ve ignored.

The most well-reasoned excuse to do nothing, gets you nothing. A little bit of action, though, can result in significant progress.

Life is not fair, but that’s no reason to throw it away. Life can be painful, but hiding in some dark corner is not the answer.

Even if you’ve wasted the last six weeks, or the last five decades, there’s much you can achieve today. Life is yours right now, so accept full responsibility and rise to the challenge.

Choose to be energized, inspired, empowered by what has been, by what is now, and by what can be. Instead of casting judgments, allow the whole of reality, whatever it may be, to push you into positive action.

Now is not the time for complaints, regrets, or resentments. Now is your time to live the best life you can imagine.

— Ralph Marston

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