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Life has a way of overgrowing its achievements as well as its ruins.
-- Edith Wharton


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Going to the trouble

Living a productive, successful day can be a lot of trouble. Go to the trouble.

Getting yourself in a good place physically, financially, spiritually, requires a good bit of trouble. It’s well worth the trouble.

Value does not appear in your life simply because you think of it and desire it. You have to work it into existence.

Do you ever feel like you don’t want to go to the trouble to do something? That’s a good sign that you’ll benefit greatly from going ahead with the effort anyway.

What seems like trouble before you do it can quickly turn into enthusiastic action once you get started. After you get the work done, you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated in the first place.

Make it your business to go to the trouble. And make a great life for yourself and others.

— Ralph Marston

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