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The person who starts out simply with the idea of getting rich won't succeed; you must have a larger ambition.
-- John D Rockefeller


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Respond with persistence

When you’ve had a great success, what’s your best response? Learn from what you’ve done and do it again.

When you’ve had a big disappointment, what’s your best response? Learn from what you’ve done, adjust accordingly, and do it again.

It’s good to have skills, knowledge, connections, resources. What truly moves your life ahead, though, is to add persistence.

Are you too dismayed or burned out to make another effort? That’s precisely when that next effort can make the biggest difference.

Instead of giving up, make the assumption that there is some change you can make, some approach you can take to keep going. Then do the work to find that way, and to persist in following it.

When you’re up, when you’re down, respond with persistence. The number of efforts required for the success you seek is whatever number is necessary.

— Ralph Marston

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