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Knowledge does not allow you to understand the world. Knowledge dispels the illusion that you understand the world.
-- Nate Staniforth


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Through the difficulties

Much of the burden of any difficulty is your desire to avoid it. What if you could choose instead to accept it, to endure it, in fact to thrive on it?

Think of something you must do, but do not wish to do. Imagine letting go of your resentment toward it, and how much more energetic you will become.

You have the potential to do great things. Fulfilling that potential will necessitate some pain, discomfort, effort, frustration, tedium.

Are those things really so bad? Or are they the requisite tumult of blessings being born, pathways to lasting goodness and unique value?

Do not make the difficulties worse by avoiding them, complaining about or resisting them. Instead, force those difficulties to fulfill their promise by growing, progressing, achieving through them.

Life is difficult, and filled with great richness. Go fervently through whatever difficulties may arise, giving new meaning, expression and joy to the richness.

— Ralph Marston

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