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Every cultural flowering finds root and nourishment in an expansion of commerce and industry.
-- Will Durant


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Truth within

More truth lives within you than you have yet allowed yourself to discover. Open up to it, give expression to its wonders.

Envision the spark of an idea catching fire. See it blazing its way into reality through your mind and your hands.

Seek for beauty, meaning, substance, joy to enter into life because of your life. Live each moment in a spirit that welcomes truth and goodness, and gives them living expression.

Have the courage to feel what you have never felt. Engage your patience, your diligence to give voice to those feelings.

Live to know, to feel, to see what is true. Live to bring that truth to life in your own unique way.

Vast stretches of love, beauty, truth, goodness today await your discovery. Live to let it all flow into life.

— Ralph Marston

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