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We grow a little every time we do not take advantage of somebody's weakness.
-- Bern Williams


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Stay with now

Don’t postpone your joy while working toward or waiting for some arbitrary milestone. Delight in the process as you move through it, long before the completion.

Remember to enjoy life when you are living it, which is now. Allow yourself, your world, your experience to be enough for the moment, in the moment.

Seeking to get more later, to do something different later, will not fulfill you. When that anticipated moment arrives, you lose out on the enjoyment because you’re already yearning for the next one.

Jump free of the never-ending cycle that has you striving and striving, only so you can strive some more. Open yourself to the beauty, fulfillment, and joy that is already here, now.

What you have now, what you are now, what you do now, expresses the magnificent sum of life’s goodness. Stay with now as it carries you along, rather than trying in vain to rush ahead of it or clinging to what it once was.

All existence, all possibilities, are now. Stay with now, and live the immense value as it steadily unfolds.

— Ralph Marston

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