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Eternity is in love with the creations of time.
-- William Blake


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rich in life

Look at yourself today, and see how much stronger you’ve grown. Consider all the value that has accumulated in your life.

What once blocked your path now forms the path. What previously was weakness, you’ve transformed into strength.

Through every experience you’ve added skill, wisdom, new perspective. Each moment of life has deepened your love, clarified your purpose.

Time, trouble, joy, challenge, frustration, curiosity, caring, boredom and excitement have all deposited value that’s now yours. Imagine the good things you can now do with what you now have.

Imagine, without limit, without guilt or fear or worry. Imagine, then put that imagination into action.

Today you are rich in life, more than ever before. Live the richness, express the richness, share it, delight in it and make good use that creates much, much more.

— Ralph Marston

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