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The greatest failure is the failure to try.
-- William Arthur Ward


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Putting yourself on the line

You have to go through the defeats in order to appreciate the victories. You have to live with risk in order to create meaningful rewards.

If all you ever do is remain hidden away from the messiness and discomfort of life, you’ll never know much of its richness. Confining yourself to a safe, comfortable space, and avoiding every challenge, will cheat you out of life’s greatest experiences.

Give yourself the opportunity to make a difference in the face of real world risks and demands. Give yourself the satisfaction of calling upon your wits, your discipline, your efforts and your persistence.

Know how great it feels to grow stronger as you work through the challenges. Give yourself the incomparable experience of triumphing over difficult circumstances.

Seek out people, places, situations and ideas that challenge you. Discover and strengthen what you truly care about by putting yourself on the line.

Life is difficult and magnificent at the same time. Work eagerly through the difficulties and earn yourself a place in the magnificence.

— Ralph Marston

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