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I shall tell you a great secret my friend. Do not wait for the last judgement, it takes place every day.
-- Albert Camus


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Quiet acts of kindness

Most of them you never see. Yet everywhere you go, quiet acts of kindness surround you.

Every day, good people live their lives with strength, with purpose, with compassion and integrity. Every day, the whole world is lifted by people who are happy for the opportunity to make a difference.

Those who boast about it or make grand promises are not the ones advancing life’s goodness. It’s the quiet, sincere kindness, from folks who have no interest in taking credit, that gives each day its special shine.

The world is filled with good, caring people who never make the news and who never care to. The magnitude of their kindness each day is too large and far too widespread to ever be calculated.

Life is good today because so many people choose to see it as good. And in every small moment, each in his or her own way, they humbly give life to the goodness.

Quiet acts of kindness surround you, even now. Feel the goodness and quietly pass it on.

— Ralph Marston

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