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You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.
-- Henry Ford


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Give yourself a goal

A solid, tangible goal for this day will push you to achieve more than the goal itself. A goal will empower you in ways that go far beyond whatever you initially intend to do.

Even if your goal seems self-serving, in following that goal you create value that goes beyond yourself. Even if the goal seems frivolous, there are serious and consequential things it will accomplish.

Following a positive purpose, whatever it may be, engages the best of your skills. Taking on a challenge, any challenge, makes you stronger, more confident and more capable.

Pick a specific goal for this day and point yourself decisively in its direction. Choose a goal that means something to you, and make it happen.

The hours of this day will pass quickly, so decide right now what you’re going to do with that precious time. Through your efforts, you can grab the moments as they come, and exchange their fleeting value for something useful that endures.

Give yourself a goal for this day, and give yourself a chance to discover how much good you can do for your world. Give yourself a goal, and give life the best you have.

— Ralph Marston

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