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You can't have everything. Where would you put it?
-- Steven Wright


Friday, June 26, 2015

Joy in every effort

Want to actually make this a great day instead of just wishing for one? Then destroy all remnants of the misconception that effort is something to be avoided.

The truth is, effort can create the utmost enjoyment. Firmly imprint this truth in your awareness as you push yourself joyfully from one task to the next.

The main thing that makes good, productive effort distasteful is your attitude toward it. Improve your attitude about your efforts and you can radically improve the quality of your life.

You have the power to see every effort as a joy, so step right up and activate that power. Pack this day to the brim with useful activity, and delight in the unique pleasure of filling your world with richness.

Seize the opportunity that exists in whatever must be done. Marvel at your good fortune in being well positioned to make a difference.

Flood your world with brilliant achievements by eagerly taking on challenges and transforming them into value. See for yourself that the more effort you make, and the more joyfully you make it, the better life becomes.

— Ralph Marston

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