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Wonder rather than doubt is the root of knowledge.
-- Abraham Joshua Heschel


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


When you are making progress, continue. When you are in the zone and being effective, make use of your momentum.

Continue, and you will transform a minor success into a major achievement. Continue, and build more value on top of the value you’ve created.

It is tempting to stop when you’ve done enough. Yet you know you can do much more than that, and somewhere, deep down inside, you’ll be disappointed in yourself if you pass up the opportunity.

Feel how great it feels to make a difference in your world. Then, harness that great feeling to make an even bigger difference.

In every achievement is the opportunity for more achievement, yet that opportunity quickly fades. So grab the opportunity while it’s still fresh and powerful, and use it.

Do the work, give your best, and then continue. You’re on a roll and there’s no sense in stopping.

— Ralph Marston

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