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Though an old man I am but a young gardener.
-- Thomas Jefferson


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Beyond the limitations

The world does not persecute you so much as you would think. Anything that holds you back is assisted in great part by your own imagination, or lack thereof.

Imagine for a while that the barriers are not there. Imagine what you could do if you stepped outside your current assumptions.

The more you focus on what holds you back, the more it holds you back. Imagine being free of the limitations and suddenly, in a very real way, you are.

The energy of your mind has great power. Apply that energy in a positive direction.

Visualize life beyond the limitations. You won’t erase those limitations, yet you can make them far less significant, and much less confining.

Seeing that something is possible, makes it possible for you. Imagine life beyond the limitations, and go do what you have imagined.

— Ralph Marston

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