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Never assume the obvious is true.
-- William Safire


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keep yourself accomplishing

Keep yourself active, and make all that activity count for something. Keep yourself active, and keep yourself accomplishing.

Before you devote your valuable time to anything, consider what it will actually accomplish. Invest your time in purposeful, meaningful activities, not in empty busyness.

It’s great to stay busy. It’s much more advantageous, though, to have something to actually show for being so busy.

A moment wasted can never be regained. A moment spent in meaningful accomplishment, however, can extend its value indefinitely.

You have more than enough time to achieve whatever you choose, if only you will respect and make full use of the value of that time. Step back, look at what you’re doing with your time, and remind yourself it is among your most valuable assets.

With the time available to you, keep yourself accomplishing. Let go of the meaningless, wasteful pursuits, and exchange your time for the rich, wonderful life you deserve.

— Ralph Marston

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