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Our power is in our ability to decide.
-- Buckminster Fuller


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Live a moment of joy

Live a moment of joy, right here. Live a moment of genuine meaning and fulfillment, right now.

Let go of the assumption that you are striving to get something. Raise your awareness to the point where you can see that your fulfillment is already and always unfolding.

This day is filled with new opportunities for you to discover and express what it means to be alive. This situation gives you countless possibilities for exploring and experiencing what it means to be you.

Take a refreshing step back from the confining labels of frustration and limitation. See that whatever is, is an opportunity for rich fulfillment.

You are the awareness of all you love and value. You are the living embodiment of how it feels to experience fulfillment.

Smile from deep inside, and let the joy flow outward. This is a perfectly beautiful moment to live, so give life the best you have.

— Ralph Marston

New special feature: Finding direction while giving directions.

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