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There is no education like adversity.
-- Benjamin Disraeli


Monday, April 25, 2011

Time at hand

You can’t make more hours in each day. Yet you can put more purpose and focus and meaning in each hour.

Blaming a lack of time is like blaming the sun for rising. There’s nothing you can do about it, so it’s not a factor to concern yourself with.

What you can do, is make the commitment to yourself to make each moment count for something meaningful and valuable. What you can do, is allow your authentic purpose to guide your focus, your actions and your use of the time that’s at hand.

Instead of worrying or being distracted about things that really don’t even matter, give your energy to what you truly care about. Instead of letting the time slip away, allow the best of your dreams to more fully unfold with each passing moment.

Remember constantly who you really are and why you have chosen to go in the direction you’re going. Every thought, word and action that comes from your true purpose will draw great value from the moment you’re in.

Whatever your age or situation, there’s plenty of time to live richly. And that time is here right now.

— Ralph Marston

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