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It appears that the meaning that most effectively sustains life is to be found in the adoption of responsibility.
-- Jordan B. Peterson


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Find peace

At the heart of who you are, there is peace. When you let go of all that is covering it up, you find peace.

Go ahead and feel those things that hide your peace from you. Appreciate the fact that you can feel them whenever you chose.

Then, realize that just as you can choose to feel them, you can choose to let them go. Discover for yourself that you do indeed have the power to uncover the peace that lives in your heart.

One by one, you can easily and naturally dispense with those feelings that separate you from the peace that is yours. With sincere thankfulness for what you feel, you can let go of each feeling.

What you are left with is peace. What you are left with, is the powerful serenity of being beyond need, beyond fear, beyond frustration and anxiety.

By connecting to the peace within, you are free to take life as it comes. And when you do, you’ll find that it comes in great abundance.

— Ralph Marston

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