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There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living.
-- David Starr Jordan


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feel the splendor

There is plenty of time, for there is now and you have it all available to you. There is nothing to regret, for the past is now finished.

Any anxiety you feel is only speculation about what has never happened yet. Let go of what is not even real, and give your grateful attention to the opportunity that is now.

Elevate your wishes and plans about someday into action you take on this day. Your dreams come to life the moment you begin to move toward them.

Fill this moment with effort and purpose, with wonder, kindness, joy and love. You are precisely as rich as you imagine and allow yourself to be, so choose to be extraordinarily rich at all times.

Keep yourself grounded in what’s truly important. Then you’ll have the courage to move gracefully beyond what’s familiar and create new value.

Right now is when you’re gloriously alive, aware and able to feel the incomparable splendor that is life. Remind yourself of all you have, and you’ll transform it into even more.

— Ralph Marston

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