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The price of inaction is far greater than then cost of a mistake.
-- Meg Whitman


Monday, October 12, 2009

Achievement beyond achievement

What’s the path to extraordinary achievement? When you’re finished, keep going.

Don’t settle for doing just enough. Get yourself excited by the opportunity to do more.

Fortune favors those who transform fleeting time into lasting value. Time is coming your way right now, so use it to do something wonderful and worthwhile that exceeds even your own expectations.

And what exactly would that be? Whatever you can dare to imagine.

Practice thinking with no limits and you’ll find yourself living with no limits. See great value in the obstacles and challenges, and you’ll find yourself joyfully thankful for the opportunities they bring.

Go beyond what you know you can do, and suddenly you’ll know you can do much, much more. Life is truly great because you can make it even greater.

— Ralph Marston

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