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From error to error, one discovers the entire truth.
-- Sigmund Freud


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Valuable experience

You are filled with valuable experience. The things you’ve done and learned and seen and lived through have left behind a unique and powerful substance of experience that is yours alone.

What a shame it would be for all that to go to waste. It is yours to make use of, yours to build upon, and yours from which to grow.

By making this present moment count, you also make all the past moments count even more. You cannot live in the past, yet you can continue to draw upon the value you created there.

Right now, you can benefit greatly from the things you’ve already done, whatever they may have been. By tapping into the value of your experience and doing something positive and productive with it, you extend and expand upon that value.

Use this day to invest your wealth of experience into effective action. That investment will immediately begin to pay dividends.

Take action, and let your valuable experience guide that action. Get value from the past and use it in the present to create an outstanding future.

— Ralph Marston

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