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It is no dishonor to be in a minority in the cause of liberty and virtue.
-- Sam Adams


Monday, August 10, 2009

Beyond distraction

Distractions only have the power that you give them. To avoid being overpowered by distractions, see them for what they are.

What is it that resonates with your passion and fires up your positive enthusiasm? Whatever it is, that’s the thing to focus upon.

When something interrupts your focus, don’t fight it. Simply notice it, quickly decide whether it is worth any more of your precious attention, and if not, peacefully let it go.

Don’t get angry or resentful that the distraction happened, and don’t become obsessed with something that really doesn’t matter. Just take a deep breath, smile as you remember your purpose, and move on.

You don’t have to be dragged this way and that by random events and circumstances. You can easily stay clearly focused on your dreams, your goals and your intentions.

Your thoughts are yours to choose, and your attention is yours to allocate. Decide to give your attention to those things that matter most, and move purposefully ahead no matter what.

— Ralph Marston

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