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True silence is the rest of the mind. It is to the spirit what sleep is to the body - nourishment and refreshment.
-- William Penn


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Allow it to be

Let go of the need to need. And allow yourself to sink gently and gracefully into the beauty of this moment.

Here and now anything is possible. Surrender your need to focus on limitations, and open yourself to the finest possibilities.

Flow peacefully along with the boundless energy that is in this day. Celebrate the miracle of being.

Breathe in the exquisite beauty of all that is. Though events and circumstances constantly change, nothing can interrupt the wonder of it all.

Float freely above the burden of having to place a judgment on everything. Enjoy the opportunity to experience whatever comes your way.

Greet this moment with a curious, thankful and loving heart. And allow it to be the best time yet.

— Ralph Marston

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