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A goal properly set is halfway reached.
-- Abraham Lincoln


Saturday, August 16, 2008

You can

Though the task is one of great difficulty, the capabilities you bring are even greater. For not only is there much you can do, you can learn and grow to do much more.

When the situation changes, you can adapt. When a new problem arises, you can discover the fresh opportunities that come along with it.

You can call upon the wisdom inside you that grows more extensive with each new experience. You can listen to your heart, where there is valuable truth that goes beyond what your mind can explain.

You can draw great strength from the connection you have with others. You can align yourself with the beauty and goodness that reside firmly and persistently in every corner of life.

In the darkest darkness, you can shine a light. In the most difficult circumstances, you can act to make a profound and positive difference.

You can know, you can understand, and you can live in the service of a purpose that becomes more powerful and refined with each passing moment. Choose to do what you can, and there is no limit to what you’re able to achieve.

— Ralph Marston

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