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We have it in our power to begin the world again.
-- Thomas Paine


Friday, August 8, 2008

Where you will soon be

A small effort now can make a big difference later. You can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your actions simply by taking them sooner.

As you go through the moments of this day, you are creating many of the circumstances in which you will live tomorrow. A few small, positive actions right now can bring great value as you move forward.

You cannot change where you already are. Yet you can have a significant and dramatic effect on where you will soon be.

Live this moment with joy, with purpose and with passion. And use this moment to inject into your life and your world the kind of substance and value that can last a lifetime.

You cannot instantly change your circumstances. You can, however, instantly change the direction in which you’re headed.

Point yourself firmly and resolutely in the direction of your dreams. For where you choose right now to go, is where you will soon be.

— Ralph Marston

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