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You always succeed in producing a result.
-- Anthony Robbins


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Genuinely enjoy

There is more to enjoying life than just collecting objects or experiences that will impress others. The most sublime enjoyment is enjoyment for its own sake.

Are you constantly concerned with what advantage you’ll gain from life’s experiences? Then you’ll end up with a lot of advantages but not any real enjoyment.

Pleasure can be nice; yet pleasure does not equal enjoyment, and the pursuit of mere pleasure can end up enslaving you because pleasure chains you to some specific object or condition. If pleasure is your primary objective, as time goes by you’ll need more and more of it but enjoy it less and less.

There is just as much enjoyment to be found in the small, simple, subtle things as in the big, noisy impressive things. Let go of the need to impress or to pile pleasure on top of pleasure, and allow yourself to genuinely enjoy.

You can find enjoyment in just about anything, with no conditions, prerequisites or limitations. Even in the midst of extreme difficulty, the possibility for real enjoyment is always present.

Choose to genuinely enjoy this day, with all its ups and downs and challenges and surprises. You’ll find that enjoyment strengthens all that you do.

— Ralph Marston

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