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Hope is patience with the lamp lit.
-- Tertullian


Monday, December 31, 2007

Never fade

Whatever you fully experience, you never need to leave behind. Whatever you worry about losing, you never did have to begin with.

Without change, life would not exist. With every change is the opportunity to become more fully alive.

The days and weeks and years come to an end. And yet it is always now.

The artifacts and remnants that you associate with the good times will fade and rust and decay, eventually to disappear. Yet the goodness and joy of the authentic experiences will grow ever stronger.

There is no reason to be sad about the fact that time has passed. There is every reason to find joy in the real treasures that you will always retain from that time.

Learn to quickly let go of the meaningless, superficial things that will soon be gone anyway. Invest your spirit and your experience in the timeless values that you know will never fade.

— Ralph Marston

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