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Never assume the obvious is true.
-- William Safire


Friday, October 12, 2007


Somewhere inside, somehow you know that there’s a purpose for you on this day. Let that purpose come to the surface and bring it fully to life.

Authentic purpose is not a deep, dark secret that you must struggle to discover. Decide to allow it, and purpose will find you where you are.

Purpose is not so much a matter of what you do. Purpose is more about the way you feel while doing whatever it is you are doing.

Those things you know without having to learn, connect you to purpose. Purpose is not merely what you think you might believe, but what you’re certain that you are.

Purpose is the unconditional, limitless realm in your life that cannot be diminished by anything that happens. Whatever you undertake from the sense of that purpose brings great fulfillment and richness to life.

Always you have known that there is purpose within you, a purpose essential to who you are. Give it to life again and again, for you’ll never tire of seeing its shine.

— Ralph Marston

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