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Sloth makes all things difficult; industry all easy.
-- Benjamin Franklin


Saturday, July 28, 2007

What’s around you

Certainly it is possible to succeed in spite of being in negative surroundings. It makes much more sense, however, to arrange your environment so that it works with you rather than against you.

Whatever is right in front of your eyes has an influence on the thoughts that are foremost in your mind. Make your surroundings more positive, and they will help you to be more positive.

Make the effort to spend time in places and situations that inspire and empower you. Get yourself often around people who lift your spirits.

A beautiful setting encourages beautiful thoughts. And beautiful thoughts lead you in a positive direction.

Choose surroundings that continually remind you of life’s goodness. Put yourself in places that keep you focused on your best possibilities.

Your environment has a subtle, yet constant and therefore powerful influence on many aspects of your life. It pays to make that influence as positive and empowering as possible.

— Ralph Marston

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