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Only do what your heart tells you.
-- Princess Diana


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Seeds of imagination

Your imagination may often seem wispy and nebulous. It is in fact very real and powerful.

Look around you and consider all the real, solid, useful and valuable things that began their existence in someone’s imagination. What you can imagine, is clearly possible.

Most likely, your imagination has far more power than you realize. There are aspects of your reality today that come directly from long-forgotten stirrings of your imagination.

What would you dare to imagine if you were certain that it would become real? In fact, most of what you imagine does indeed influence your life and your world in some way or other.

Obviously, the things you imagine do not instantly spring into material form. Actually, something even more amazing happens.

Your imagination plants a fertile seed in the capable, creative, intelligent, effective person that is you. Take great care with such seeds that you plant, for they will surely grow.

— Ralph Marston

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