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The pain passes, but the beauty remains.
-- Pierre Auguste Renoir


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shine a light

Even if the amount of goodness that you can see is tiny, focus on that goodness. Focus on it, and it will grow.

When the positive possibilities seem terribly overwhelmed by the negative influences, give your attention to those positive possibilities. And you will give them real power.

The faintest light will push back the darkness. And you’ll then have the opportunity to make that light shine even more brightly.

When everything has gone wrong, the smallest positive step can make a world of difference. And once a positive momentum is established, you can continue to build upon it.

Even though it may seem that all hope is lost, one person with a positive purpose has the power to begin turning things around. Once that happens, others will gratefully join in.

Whatever the situation may be, choose to shine a positive light that those around you can see. And the more it is seen, the brighter it will become.

— Ralph Marston

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