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Argument is the worst sort of conversation.
-- Jonathan Swift


Thursday, January 25, 2007

The value within

There is a vast storehouse of value within you that is waiting to be unlocked. Every now and then you catch a glimpse of it, and even those brief encounters can truly amaze you.

So how do you tap into that extensive reservoir of richness that has built up in your life? You connect with it by letting go of all the superficial distractions and petty pursuits under which it is buried.

When you give your awareness to things that have no lasting meaning or purpose, you distance yourself from the true joy that is your birthright. When you pin your hopes on shallow, fleeting sensations, you cover up the beautiful substance that can bring your life true joy.

Isn’t it time to start living with fulfillment and purpose? Haven’t you grown weary of running and hiding from the real joy that you know can be yours?

Aren’t you tired of struggling to pretend to be someone you’re not? It’s time to choose instead to live the rich and authentic life that is the real you.

Imagine letting go of all those angers, distractions, fears, frustrations and annoyances that come from chasing the empty trinkets the world has tricked you into seeking. Let go, and unlock the real and lasting value that you know has always lived within you.

— Ralph Marston

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