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Never assume the obvious is true.
-- William Safire


Monday, January 1, 2007

New possibilities

A new year is here. It’s a great opportunity to re-examine your assumptions, and to get rid of the ones that no longer make any sense.

Assumptions can be very useful because they free you from having to think through every little detail. Assumptions are a practical way to make positive use of your extensive past experience.

Remember, though, that change is a constant part of life. People change, conditions change, the world changes, and all those changes can quickly make your assumptions obsolete.

Outdated assumptions can keep you stuck when there’s really no reason for you to be stuck. Outdated assumptions can prevent you from connecting with good and valuable things that are easily within your reach.

As you go through each day, make note of the assumptions you rely upon. Select a few of those assumptions and seriously challenge them.

You’ll find limitations you thought you had that are no longer there, and opportunities you never knew about that are now open to you. As the new year begins, free yourself from outdated assumptions, and you’ll find all sorts of new possibilities popping into view.

— Ralph Marston

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