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Good thoughts are no better than good dreams, unless they be executed.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Worthless worry

How many things do you worry about, that don’t really matter at all? Imagine the positive energy boost if you could simply let them go.

Most of the things that annoy you do so only because you have chosen to be annoyed. Think of how life would be if you spent less time annoyed and more time truly living.

When something comes along that troubles you, ask yourself if it really matters. You’ll discover that many things really don’t.

When something pops up to worry you, ask yourself if your worrying will make it better. Chances are, with most things, it won’t.

Most worries and annoyances are completely worthless, and only serve to bring you down. Is that really what you want?

Practice diverting more of your time and energy to positive, useful, productive pursuits. Replace the worry and annoyance about things that don’t matter with real, effective action for the things that do.

— Ralph Marston

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