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It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.
-- Epictetus


Saturday, July 24, 2004

More than enough

There is much to be gained by remembering and learning from the past. There is also much to be gained by remembering that the past does not have to control you.

Now is where you are. Now is when you are fully alive, fully able to make things happen.

Wishing that things had been different steals energy away from the positive actions you can take right now. Because now, instead of merely wishing, you can act to make it happen.

All the disappointments you’ve ever experienced are now behind you. Though their consequences may continue, those disappointments no longer must hold you back.

In fact, now in this moment you have the power to turn each disappointment completely around. You can, with your thoughts and actions, redirect your energy in whatever direction you choose.

When you break free of the chains that hold your thinking in the past, you’ll discover something truly amazing. All that is now is much, much more than enough.

— Ralph Marston

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